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Anti wrinkle injections are an effective non-surgical treatment that smooth out dynamic wrinkles and unwanted lines, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. In Australia, clinics are not allowed to advertise brand names.
12 - 24 hours
●○○○○ (Pain may vary)
15 - 30 minutes

Causes of wrinkles

  • The first wrinkles to appear on a person’s face tend to occur as a result of facial expressions.
  • As people get older, their skin gets thinner, drier, and less elastic, and less able to protect itself from damage.
  • The formation of wrinkles is influenced by Sun damage, smoking, dehydration some medications, and environmental and genetic factors affect when and where people will develop wrinkles
  • UV light breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Elastin fibers form the supportive structure form the skin’s connective tissue which are located beneath the surface of the skin Breaking down this layer causes the skin to become weaker and less flexible. The skin starts to droop, and wrinkles appear.


Types of wrinkles

  • Dynamic Wrinkles – Those lines that result from repeated facial movements (such as smiling) that form creases in the skin are treated with anti-wrinkle injections
  • Static wrinkle – The lines that occur from your skin losing elasticity and collagen and that eventually sag may be treated with dermal fillers

How does it work

Dynamic wrinkles are treated with anti-wrinkle injections which contain botulinum toxin. The botulinum toxins block chemical signals that the brain sends to the muscle therefore relaxing and weakening the muscles that are responsible for frowning, wrinkling, and squinting and movement.

Area that are treated with anti-wrinkle injections

In general areas treated are:

  • Frown
  • Forehead
  • Crows (wrinkles around the eye area)
  • Bunny lines (lines around the nose)
  • Masseter
  • Chin
  • Gummy smile
  • Perioral
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Underarms (for hyperhidrosis -sweating)


Side effects and complications

  • May have redness and swelling at injection site
  • May bruising at the injection site
  • May experience a headache
  • The main serious side effect is called eyelid ptosis or drooping of eyelid. This is uncommon and only temporary, usually lasting 3 days although cases lasting several months have been recorded.


Most people start to see results in three days and has the full effect at two weeks.  Results usually last three to four months.

Preparation for the treatment

Avoid blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil, one week prior to treatment.

Advise your clinician if you:

  • Have an infection or cold or flu like symptoms
  • Have an auto-immune disorder
  • Are regularly taking anti-coagulation therapy (i.e.: Warfarin,) Heparin
  • Have a severe metabolic or systemic disorder
  • Have active sunburn, eczema, or psoriasis
  • Are currently taking aminoglycoside antibiotics
  • Are under 18 years of age (seven-day cooling-off period is required)

What to expect

Prior to your first treatment you will have a consult with our doctor to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for anti-wrinkle injections and discuss any concerns or questions you may have in relation to your anti-wrinkle injection  treatment. You will also be asked to complete and sign a consent form.

The procedure

  • The procedure involves the area to be prepared with a clinical antiseptic and a numbing cream will be applied to the selected area. The prescribed product will be injected into the prepared selected area with a fine needle. The injections may sting for a few seconds and feel tender.
  • As the product takes effect you may notice a sensation of stiffness and a change in muscle movement.


Who is not suitable

Anyone who:

  • Has Myasthenia Gravis or Eaton Lambert Syndrome
  • Has any autoimmune condition
  • Is hypersensitive to product ingredients, specifically BTX-A
  • Currently has an active infection in the area to be injected
  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you are unsure contact the clinic

Post Treatment Care

  • Keep the in the inject site area clean
  • Avoid touching the injection sites for four hours
  • Avoid ‘facing-down’ or local pressure treatments (e.g. massage motorbike helmets, swimming goggles) for 12 hours
  • Avoid facials or facial treatments for 2 weeks
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and heat (e.g. saunas) 48 for hours

Follow up

In order to ensure that you are happy with the results and an optimal outcome has been achieved. We recommend that book and attend a two week follow up and review appointment in the clinic.

Your next anti-wrinkle treatment of the same area is due in three to 4 months.


Starting from $50

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