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Vision Statement

“Skin is one of the most valuable assets that we have and that we need to nurture. Skin changes occur due to intrinsic and external changes. Understanding these changes, knowledge of advanced technologies and partnering with our clients we can enhance the natural beauty to achieve aesthetically pleasing.”

Mission Statement

Lidia Nova is committed to providing comprehensive and unparalleled non-surgical treatments and skin care products in a welcoming and engaging environment. Focusing on making each client experience unique, by encompassing safety, quality and privacy. Striving to combine the artistic part of cosmetic injectables with the latest advances in research to formulate a customised treatment plan to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes for the client.

About Lidia

Lidia is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in many aspects of nursing including all areas of renal nursing, aged care nursing, education and quality control. Lidia has a master’s degree in Nursing, a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, is an accredited Laser Safety officer and has a Certificate IV in Workplace Training.

Lidia came to cosmetic injecting under the guidance of Cosmetic Surgeon Ron Besic the opportunity to train as a cosmetic injector and work in the anti-ageing field was an exciting prospect in enhancing her client’s appearance while maintaining their natural beauty.

Lidia Nova is dedicated to delivering visible results specializing in non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments that are scientifically proven combined with carefully selected cosmeceutical skin care treatments.

Throughout her nursing and cosmetic career Lidia’s ability to adapt a wholistic and minimalist approach to cosmetic enhancement and skin treatments has been a focal point in the delivery of treatments. Lidia focuses on the age and natural beauty of clients coupled with expertise, attention to detail and clinical experience to impart and deliver treatments with confidence to her clients.

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Copyright by Skin by Lidia Nova. All rights reserved.